Water Is Life – Lessons From Bermuda – Rainwater Harvesting & Storage – By Island City Lab

LESSONS FROM BERMUDA: A CONVERSATION WITH SHAUN LAVIS Originally Published on August 2, 2022 Republished @ Bermudians.blog August 18, 2022 with kind permission of Island City Lab Introduction Hey Shaun, thanks for joining us, can you share your name, role, and length of service and can you describe the overarching goal of your organization? Shaun […]

Bermuda Radio Stations

Irie 98.3 FM  – 34.9K http://tun.in/seYfh Hott 107.5 – 13.2K http://tun.in/sevuq Magic 102.7 – 7.8K http://tun.in/sfe0g Bermuda College  http://tun.in/sfden Vibe 103 FM -14.2K  http://tun.in/seXTY Power 95 – 6.0K http://tun.in/semy4 Ocean 89 – 5.2K http://tun.in/seIHz Inspire 105 – 1.2K  http://tun.in/sfpTm

Bermuda Carnival #Cancelled

If it begins with love, there will never be any regrets… Without a doubt this rings true for the birth of Bermuda Carnival. At the start, there were four friends, many supporters, all of whom carried a shared love for Carnival woven into their souls. Together they formed the BHW Ltd. team and brought the […]

Bermuda Revokes Russian Aircraft Airworthiness. Does It Matter?

Many Russian planes are registered in Bermuda As of March 13, 2022, the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) has provisionally suspended all certificates of airworthiness of Bermuda-registered aircraft operating in Russia. The reason this matters is because roughly half of the commercial jets in Russia are registered in Bermuda (including a majority of the planes that are […]

The 1615/16 Coins of #Bermuda : The First English Coins of North America @coinweek

By Greg Reynolds for CoinWeek In 1615 or 1616, coins were introduced in Bermuda. Although Bermuda was then called the Sommer Islands, for clarity, it is best to refer here to this place as Bermuda, as continual references to “Sommer Islands” would be distracting. Bermuda was then and still is a British colony. It is thus unsurprising that the first […]

Change.org #Petition “PRESERVE #BERMUDA RECREATIONAL LAND” – [Ex. Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club]

PRESERVE BERMUDA RECREATIONAL LAND Riddell’s Bay Members Committee started this petition to Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Walter Roban, JP, MP and 9 others This petition is signed by those people opposed to the potential change in ”Recreation” zoning of the former Riddell’s Bay Golf and Country Club and the residential development of the protected golf course property. Google […]

#Bermuda Pride Parade 2019 @BermudaPride

Date: August 31, Saturday Location: Victoria Park, Hamilton Lead Sponsor: OutBermuda Website: Bermudapride.net Bermuda’s 1st LGBTQ Pride Parade – August 31, 2019 @ Victoria Park in Hamilton, almost a year after re-legalizing same-sex marriage. #LGBTQBERMUDA ADVOCATES (FB) Bermuda Pride Organizers | Bermuda Pride Supporters | OUTBermuda | Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda | Bermuda Human Rights Commission | Marriage Equality Bermuda | SameloveBermuda | Two […]