#Bermuda Footprint: Making Sense of Sustainability

1. Module one. The BioNauts investigate the potential for using renewable energy sources in Bermuda, including solar power to cook food, boil water and generate electricity, as well as turning our waste oil into biodiesel.

2. Module two. The BioNauts learn about the Carbon cycle and, through a ‘Rot Pot’ experiment, the part it plays in ‘recycling’ organic waste into compost.

3. Module three. The BioNauts investigate the problem of oceanic plastic waste; where it comes from, what happens when it washes up on our beaches and what it does to marine life and ultimately, to humans. Featuring contributions from Mark Outerbridge of the Bermuda Turtle Project and Andrew Peters of the BIOS Environmental Quality Program

4. Module four. The BioNauts study the black rockfish, Bermuda’s largest grouper and apex predator of the island’s coral reef system. With the help of Tammy Trott from the Marine Resources Division of the Bermuda Department of Environmental Protection, the BioNauts attempt to track down the rockfish as they migrate to and from their deep water spawning sites.

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences: Bios.edu