B.A.D. Mon Anthem

The B.A.D. Mon Anthem is the cry for freedom from conscription in the island of Bermuda. This archaic practice has been in place since the 60’s parliamentary segregation regime,  causing young men to dread their 18th birthday and subsequent “call to serve” and systemic abuse. This is the anthem of the Bermudians Against the Draft movement that will end this abuse of power.

“In 2010 a ruling by the Privy Council in the UK went against the case of B.A.D. and upheld the laws of conscription in Bermuda.”

Bermudians Against the Draft (B.A.D.) is a joint action group established in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda to challenge the legality of conscription based on principles of natural justice and judicial review.

B.A.D. was formed in 2006 in response to mounting evidence that military officials in the Bermuda Defence Department and the Bermuda Regiment have systematically abused their statutory powers of recruitment, mobilization and enforcement of its internal security obligations to the British Crown.

B.A.D. has defined a unique moment in the global conscientious objector movement by enabling philosophical or political dissent to the draft to become a sufficient grounds for deferral of military service.

This civil disobedience strategy was driven by the 2% doctrine espoused by renowned pacifist, Albert Einstein, who claimed that:

  • ‘In countries where conscription exists, the true pacifist must refuse military duty. In countries where compulsory military service does not exist, true pacifists must publicly declare that they will not take up arms in any circumstances…. The timid may say, “What’s the use? We’ll be sent to prison.” To them I say: even if only two per cent announced their refusal to fight, governments would be powerless – they would not dare send such a huge number to prison.’ (Albert Einstein, 1930)


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