Heather Nova – Higher Ground – @Nova_Says

The First single from Heather’s new album “300 Days At Sea” , out May 27th , it was recorded  in Bermuda using only Solar power.

Lyrics, story and free  mp3 download

Heather Nova By Sanja Vidackovic

Is it foolish to claim that there are people whose inner beauty can be recognised from the sound of their voice? The decision to ask Heather Nova to take part in our project was based on this very feeling. Her sensual and enigmatic appearance is underlined by an expressive charm and grace, her magical and unmistakable voice has been enchanting the world for decades. Heather Nova lives with her family in the Bermudas; she paints, writes, sings and gives her untiring support to numerous different aid projects. Her song Higher Ground, inspired by Matt George’s striking story, touched us deeply and even surpassed our idea about her character.

source: http://www.7skyvintage.ch/2007/11/04/matt-george/

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