Where the Whales Sing #Bermuda Documentary @whalesbermuda

In 2010 the documentary film Where the Whales Sing, by Andrew Stevenson premiered at the Bermuda International Film Festival.  The film is a result of three years of Andrew’s researching, photographing, filming and cataloging of the humpback whales that migrate past Bermuda each spring. Bermuda’s unique mid-ocean platform provides a natural port of call for the humpbacks during their seasonal migratory voyage to the cold northern feeding grounds. For viewers it is a visually stunning journey of discovery into the life of these majestic marine mammals and  a call in the plight for protection against man’s ever increasing and often devastating impact on the oceans and its inhabitants. The film is accompanied by the voice of wonder and innocence of his 6-year old daughter.

Where the Whales Sing” was an award winner for best emerging underwater filmmaker at BLUE Ocean Film Festival, a high honours winner at the Princeton Environmental Film Festival, was selected as a finalist at the Nations Capital Environmental Film Festival, won an award as the best environmental film at a film festival in Croatia where it also won the audience choice award. It has been translated with Spanish subtitles for the Environmental Film Festival in Dominican Republic. Recently it won the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art 2011 Chairman Prize – A. Stevenson

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Slideshow of photographs taken by Andrew in the Spring of 2007 and exhibited at The Elliot Gallery from Feb 19th to March 3rd 2008.

Where the Whales Sing Awards

  1. Blue Ocean Film Festival – Best Emerging Underwater Filmmaker 2010.
  2. Princeton Environmental Film Festival – a high Honours Winner
  3. Nations Capital Environmental Film Festival – selected as a finalist
  4. Croatia Film Festival – Best Environmental Film & Special Audience Choice Award.
  5. Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art  –  Charman Prize 2011

The musical score for the film was composed by Steve Gallant who has granted BermudaStream an exclusive interview and fascinating look into his world of musical composition – Steve Gallant Interview