John Lennon – Double Fantasy Bermuda Tribute

In October 1980 John emerged from retirement with the single “(Just Like) Starting Over“, followed the next month by the album Double Fantasy, which contained songs written during a journey to Bermuda on a 43-foot sailing boat the previous June, that reflected Lennon’s fulfillment in his new-found stable family life.
Sufficient additional material was recorded for a planned follow-up album Milk an Honey (released posthumously in 1984) source:

Tom Butterfield of Masterworks Museum has long wanted to have a John Lennon memorial at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. Via Tony Brannon’s contact with Andy Newmark (a Bermudian drummer who played drums on Baily Outerbridge’s recent hit song “Circus“),  who was part of Lennon’s session band on the Double Fantasy record, Yoko Ono’s lawyer was approached  to ask for Yoko’s support of this tribute … read more