The Small Hours: A simple love story… Rebecca Faulkenberry @beccafaulken

Rebecca Faulkenberry has co-produced, with “Treehouse Productions,” a dreamy-eyed and romantic short clip starring two of her colleagues from Broadway’s spectacular “Spider-man: Turn off the Dark” musical  – Natalie Lomonte and Christopher Tierney.

Set on an empty NYC Subway line, the scene slips between a timeless, and nostalgic black & white scenario to a modern day, monotonous commute and a chance encounter that is vitalized by a young couple’s fantasies.

All to the tune of  Frank Sinatra‘s timeless voice “In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning.”

Space and time, sliding doors

… the unfulfiled hope and dreams that breath life into our very souls.

Written and Directed By Rebecca Faulkenberry
Filmed By Sam Gooley
Edited and Produced By Treehouse Productions

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