Trevor Todd – Face of the Rock @co2arts

Trevor Todd is an artist, but, he spends a good portion of his year working in the local quarry yards of Bermuda, harvesting limestone bedrock into the blocks and slabs that will form the walls and slate the roofs that Bermudians live under.

It’s not the most appealing of occupations to most, but for Trevor this work will pay the bills, bank enough money for a month or so of travel per year, and allow him to buy the supplies he needs for his real passion: making art.

Creatively employing different mediums, including industrial items such as hex-nuts and sawdust from PVC-piping, Trevor creates pieces that reflect his themes of journeying and ‘cosmic consciousness’, a philosophy that he says involves meditating on inner-knowledge, self-awareness and being content.

N.B. Bermuda is a rock that emerged from the ocean floor millions of years ago as an erupting volcano, and thanks to the living organisms that became our coral reef, a limestone cap formed above that volcano. For the last 388 years (at least), we have carved and sculpted the landscape out of this solidified calcium carbonate, into the houses, roads and walls that constitute our island community’s infrastructure.

Trevor contributes to the definition and re-definition of Bermuda’s landscape through art.

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