@VIBE103 FM #Bermuda Energy Station


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3 thoughts on “@VIBE103 FM #Bermuda Energy Station

  1. Thanks for the good music!!! It is also perfect to exercise with, I don't need my play list 🙂
    It is great to hear the viarity of music and specially that it is not only to R&B or rap…. Nice to be exposed to all the current music genres out there! Great mixing!! Great job & keep it up!!

  2. Finally!!!! a radio station in Bermuda that knows how to play music. Man I heard this station for the first time in the gym last night and I was jamming. Mi seh tun up di ting!!!!! I killed that elliptical last night with them throwback music had a wicked workout. Vibe is full of Vibes fi real. Tun it up tun it up tun it up!!! lol
    Oh one request can you please play me some peppa seed rhythm tonight around 5pm take me through my workout. Thanks much :)))

  3. I'm in canada right now so vibe is the perfect piece of home away from home I listen online whenever I get a little homesick and it cheers me up, Thanx Vibe!