@DevauneRatteray – Lay It Out On the Line ★InTheMaking

Get To Know “Devaune Ratteray” Better! 

In this up close and personal video clip Bermudian singer/songwriter Devaune Rattery takes us behind the scenes into his world of studio music production.

Devaune is currently working on the release of his debut EP with Downtown Artists in London, England.

Here we see him in the studio working with his “transylvanian” mix master 🙂 on the yet to be released piece “Lay it on the line.” Devaune talks about the song and its Bermuda reggae music influence. He also shows us what it means to be in the hands of true professionals.

Get to know you better” was released just over a month ago, which, together with what little we have heard from Devaune, truly seems to be shaping up for a starbuster debut!


Devaune Ratteray 

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