#Buddha #Beach #Bermuda – #Zen Chillout @BlueDotMusic

Fly straight to a destination of dreams, lay down on the beach and soak up the sun. Allow the warm water to lap over your feet and the tensions ebb away as The Wax Club envelops your soul with this ultimate chill-out theme.

“Bermuda” composed,produced and performed by James Llewellyn Trott also know under the name ‘The Wax Club. This track is from the CD ‘Zen Chill Out Vol:1 part of The Buddha Experience CD series.

Download “Bermuda” by The Wax Club @ itunes.apple.com To listen to other tracks from this series click on the link, http://www.bluedotmusic.net Produced for ‘blue dot music’ by : Robert Nichol / AllCast http://allcast.co.uk ©2010 blue dot music   

Summer Chillout Sounds ~ ‘Buddha on the Beach’

These inspiring music compositions join moods to dreams and legends to thoughts, like the thin strip of golden sand lining the wondrous expanse of oceans and land that we call the beach.