What to Do If You’re Falling Out of Love With #Bermuda @jahde


Photo courtesy of John Tabor

Go to Horseshoe Beach. Take your shoes off and run across the sand. Pick it up and watch it cascade across your fingers. Remember how much this entertained you as a kid. Walk over towards the cove. Do you remember how it was before the hurricane? There were two paths that you had to walk over but once you were there it was heaven.

Now walk into the water, swim over to the whirlpool and just sit. Breathe. Look around you. Take in how beautiful life is around you. The same beach that people pay thousands of dollars to see is your backyard. If you’re adventurous climb up on the cliffs and jump off. The thrill you’ve been seeking has been right here all along. Look up towards the sky and see the clouds whirling around gently. At the end of the day you live on one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Everyone says how boring Bermuda can get but try something different this weekend. Leave your car at home and call for a taxi. Don’t worry about the $40. When your driver picks you up sit in the front street. Ask about his life growing up, where he stayed, what he did, who he hung out with. You will be amazed at the treasure chest of stories that our island’s elders possess. Their lives were truly fascinating and they made it through some incredible times.

When you get to East Broadway skip the clubs on Front Street. You know which ones I’m talking about, the same ones you’ve been going to since seventeen. Pick a restaurant that you’ve never been to and tell your crew to meet you there. Sounds absurd right? But I bet you can go to the phone booth right now and find at least five restaurants that you never heard of before. Order something different. Grab a bottle of wine that you know nothing about. Get drunk if you please.

Remember that novelty is an experience and can be found anywhere. Go to that fort in St. George’s that you always forget the name of, take your girl or your boy or whatever. I know it’s only 21 square miles but there’s still a lot that you haven’t seen. Talk to people. Your parents always tell you how different it was in the past, how everyone was family and people ‘spoke’. Try to recreate the magic. You can’t do it alone but a three minute chat won’t hurt anyone.

Work on that thing you’ve been wanting to work on.
Go to the museum. Go to the library. Find out the real history of Bermuda, the one you weren’t told about in school. Go town and walk around taking pictures of all the street signs. Have you ever wondered where court, king and queen street came from? Who named it that and why? When you’re done ride over to 42nd, pick up a fish sandwich from art mels. Now tell me where else you can get that in this world?!

I’ll wait. But along with countless other experiences Bermuda is unique in it’s very own way. You just have to open your eyes a little bit.

Author: Jahde + Website: http://jahde.co/

* This was inspired by Mary Phillips-Sandy post:https://medium.com/human-parts/a9dee51df185