#Bermuda Black Woman’s Mini #FilmFest – April 11,19,26, 2014 @Chewsticks

WHEN: April 11, 19, 26 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm 
WHERE: Chewstick, 28 Elliot Street, Hamilton, Bermuda


Moja Co. Productions in conjunction with The Chewstick Foundation proudly presents this historic inaugural event, The Black Woman’s Mini Video/Film Fest 2014!

This dynamic Fest will highlight two Black women Writer/Director’s – Rosheena Beek, Bermudian Film Maker and Julie Dash an American Film Maker. Rosheena Beek will debut her “powerful”, “enlightening” film, “Before we were Man” – posing the question, What if you had the power to choose your mama? This event will present a double feature, “Daughters of the Dust”. A 1991 Cinematography Award Winner, of the Sundance Film Festival.

To accent these events, an Art Show will also be featured for the patrons, of these highly cultural nights. The artists will be Kendra Earls,local phenom, Zianna Rubaine extremely talented student of the arts, who can already boast that she had her first solo show at Bermuda College Student Art Gallery and International artist Patrick-Earl Barnes, who has dedicated a great part of his repertoire to the upliftment of women. Nights filled with excitement and incomparable talent are going to be witnessed by all.

And if you thought this event couldn’t get any better, on the very first screening night, three Bermudian women who were trailblazers in the Film Making Industry, will be honored.

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