Brown Suga’s Foreign Reality – Fit 4 Me – #Bermuda #UK

When your life changes your shape changes!

Relocating from Bermuda to the UK has been a life changing experience for me. This move has brought many great benefits, opportunities, and rewards but this major transition has also brought a lot of unpredictability, a hefty council tax bill, stressful periods of unemployment, long waits in the job seekers line, below freezing temperatures and the loss of a fun exercise regime that kept me slim.

Brown Suga reveals in her first Foreign Reality video the true underlining reasons for her 20 lb weight gain, highlighting the challenges, struggles, goals and triumphs of her new life in the UK her personal weight management journey and why she started a successful personal “Fit 4 Me’ program setting a goal of a minimum of 10,000 steps per week.

Excess weight is not the problem it is only symptoms of a greater problem! Now that I have recognized, accepted and adapted to my new life. I am back focused and shredding those pounds.


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