Someone Has Died in a Road Crash @BermudaPolice Press Conference

Assisting Families of Fatal Collision Victims

Sarah Wheddon and Katherine Wheddon (ex-wife and daughter of the late Major Chris Wheddon), Superintendent Martin Weekes and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Brian Gonsalves press conference to announce the sponsorship of the book book “Someone Has Died in a Road Crash” to assist the families of fatal collision victims.

Bermuda-born 43-year-old Major Wheddon had been due to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and become the commanding officer of the Bermuda Regiment in June of 2013 when he was killed in car crash after theAfghanistan veteran who was driving him careered into woodland. Read complete article @:


Thursday, March 6th, 2014 (Bermuda Police Service Press Release)

“Someone has died in a road crash” – A partnership between the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) and East End Telecom.

Like adults, children affected by road death and injury need loving support and information. It is often better to tell children things through honest discussion and involve them in decision making rather than keep them in the dark and leave them excluded in an effort to protect them from the truth.

Thanks to the support of our partner East End Group, the BPS is pleased to announce that they will be able to supply this free book to children bereaved by road crashes.

“Someone has died in a road crash”, is full of colourful, warm illustrations and text that helps adults to support children and answer their questions. Each Child’s book comes with an accompanying guide booklet for parents caring for a bereaved child.

Additionally we have also brought in a booklet titled “Coping with grief when someone you love dies suddenly” which is for anyone who has suffered the shattering experience of a loved one dying suddenly. It aims to help people understand emotions and feelings commonly suffered and provides straightforward advice on how to cope and who can help you recover.

Going forward we are looking into bringing in a second book for bereaved children titled “Someone has died suddenly” which is aimed at children bereaved by any sudden cause.

All these books will be available free from the BPS Family Liaison Officers who are assigned to families after an incident involving a death in order to assist them through the process of investigations and other legal proceedings. 

Call the Bermuda Police Service Family Liaison Coordinator at 295-0011 for further information on these books and the role of the Family Liaison Officer.

Bermuda Police Service

East End Telecom


Someone has died in a road crash @ Amazon

Mary Williams OBE and Caroline Chisholm (Author), Steve Fraser (Illustrator)

Publication Date: 1 Feb 2006
A sudden death in a road crash is one of the worst deaths of all. Particularly if you are a child and it was your mum, dad, sister or brother who died. Someone has died in a road crash is a children’s book for all ages, taking children step by step through practical things such as funerals and police investigations and exploring normal emotions and feelings. The book is colourful and is narrated by two children who have been bereaved in a road crash who give caring and helpful tips. The book is meant to be read by a child with a parent or care