Robert Symons | Tropicana Steel Pan

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Steel pan music is unique in both sound and your own personal perception of each individual song. Roberts music is easily recognizable, with one exception, what you will hear and how it makes you feel is different for each individual listener.

It also depends where you want the music to take you…perhaps that memorable once in a lifetime cruise you took, a special reception, or memories of walking on a pink sandy beach in the Bermuda sun will come to mind.

Robert takes recognizable pop gems and turns them into an Island Paradise with his expertise on the Steel Pan
Ambient, Soothing, Relaxing, Multi Genre, Smooth Grooves creating the perfect tropical ambience to complement ANY occasion!

Robert has arranged, performed and produced 3 CD’s titled “Tropicana Steel Pan” Volumes 1, 2 and 3.
He has the right approach with this series of releases by taking some of the best known songs and make them his own with the help of the steel pan, giving you a chance to relive all the feelings and emotions that go along with each time tested tune.
Breathing some of that tropical way of living into the tunes with some of the most simple and relaxing music is what the result of this fine effort accomplishes.
Once again, directly from Bermuda, the steel pan will steal you away for a while. Roberts music is a wonderful relaxing tool, try it you will like it!