@PeterSagos #Bermuda Vacation Story “Kidnapped in Paradise: Sun, Sand and Larceny in Bermuda”

This is the story of Peter Sagos’ Bermuda Vacation. He was arrested and accused of plotting to import $33 million worth of cannabis into the island and was given  “a year-long jail term after admitting to lesser charges.”

His blog recounting the story lays down heavy accusations towards the Bermuda Police Service, the Bermuda Criminal Justice System and mainstream newspapers.

“I went down to open up a bank account and to trade stocks offshore, this was also for future tax gains,” Mr. Sagos says.

Little did he know that once he stepped foot on the tropical paradise, his life would become a living nightmare. He was accused of importing $34 million worth of marijuana, and the Bermuda Police Service was trying to link his case with three other foreign nationals who were arrested on conspiracy charges.

Peter Sagos spent 10 ½ months in a Bermuda jail not knowing whether he would ever again see family and friends.

Read full story @ petersagos.ca

Royal Gazette Article Foreign nationals sentenced after admitting criminal proceeds offences