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The Journey, one song stands out above them all. In fact it might stand above all his songs from all his albums. That song is titled, “As You Are.” This powerful song features only a piano, lyrics of love and Mishka’s trademark voice. It puts you in a mood words can’t describe. Just close your eyes and slowly sway back and fourth to the smooth rhythm. This song will grab you. – read full review


Pretty girls they come dime a dozen, I’m as yet to find as beautiful a woman … AS YOU ARE
See, I got friends, I’ve got cousins, but I’m as yet to find as natural companion … AS YOU ARE
When you came in to my life we were naive as children. Now we’ve got a few of our own our eyes are wide open. You believe in love, you were always with me and that’s the reason I keep hoping that you’ll stay … AS YOU ARE
Don’t change your hair, don’t change your mind, don’t put on make up. Cos’ i just wan’t to find you there when I wake up … AS YOU ARE
Never let me settle for anything less than the truth, that’s why i want to run cos you keep me in line, in so many ways you blessed my life woman your roots, naturally you shine … AS YOU ARE
So don’t change your dress, your address, don’t change the day, more or less, must confess, you look great … AS YOU ARE

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