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via Adventures in Pantoland

By Alan P Frayn

Directed by Laura Bardgett | Produced by by Emma Muggleton & Kim Day | Musical Director: Lisa Maule | Musical Arrangement by James Burn | Choreographer: Sophie Whitmore

Show Dates: Beginning of December

Have you ever wondered where all the Pantomime characters live when they’re not performing in Pantomimes?

The answer is The Land of Make Believe where they play happily waiting for auditions to come around again. But now a nasty witch has cast a spell and they’ve lost their memories and can’t remember which Pantomime they belong too …. Oh no! But wait! Fairy Honeysuckle has come to the rescue and is taking our heroes through six pantomimes to find out where they belong. However an evil witch and her silly sidekick are determined to thwart her plan…….. Oh no!

Adventure in Pantoland is a fun filled, old fashioned celebration of Pantomime complete with lots of audience participation, traditional characters and some really bad jokes. Seven different storylines are visited including Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Dick Whittington, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White and Cinderella along with the traditional song sheet and silly skit! We even have a Pantomime cow

This Panto has seven principal parts and 7 – 8 Smaller roles plus chorus and dancers:

  • Dame: typical panto dame in each pantomime – male, 30 – 60, sings and dances
  • Girl: Principal girl character, plays Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, female – 16 – 30, sings and dances
  • Boy: Principal boy character, plays Princes, Jack, Aladdin, Dick, male or female, 16 – 30, sings and dances
  • Fool: Village Idiot type character, plays Simple Simon in each role. Ideally male but can be female, 25 – 65
  • Honeysuckle: Immortal – typical good fairy, plays Fairy Godmother in Cinderella – female 25 – 65
  • Poison Ivy: Immortal – typical wicked witch, plays Wicked Queen in Snow White and Ugly Sister in Cinderella – female 20 – 55, sings and dances
  • Wizbad: An evil (but unintentionally comical) Wizard, plays Abanazar, King Rat and an Ugly Sister – male 25 – 60, sings and dances
  • Chorus: Herald, Lord Chamberlin, The King, The Queen, The Genie, The Giant, Tommy the Cat, Buttermilk the Cow, Mirror plus Villagers, Citizens of Peking, Guardsmen, Farm Folk, Royal Servants, Ball Guests plus comedy skit just before finale! Sing and Dance
  • Dancers: Show us any special skills
  • Child Chorus: 8-14 years, enthusiastic, can sing and follow dance steps | facebook