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Meet KOESHON aka General Kaution a rising star among Bermudian musicians!
We know him from his music, clothing line & captivating personality but behind it all is much, much more …


@ 3 months of age Koeshon was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot and underwent his first open heart surgery.

This condition is a  rare and complex heart defect that affects only 5 in 10,000 newborns.  Tetralogy of fallot is a congenital heart condition that is present at birth and affects the structure of the heart causing abnormal blood flow.


@ the age of 16 Koeshon underwent his second open heart surgery to have a pulmonary valve replacement. Both surgeries took place at Boston’s Children’s hospital. It has also come at a more costly expense due to the disadvantage of living in Bermuda with limited medical resources. As you can imagine the emotional and financial toll this has taken on him and his family is beyond

Now it is time for Koeshon to undergo yet another life saving surgery costing $185,000. 

This GoFundMe Campaign hopes to raise money to aid with his medical expenses. Any donation big or small is a blessing and will help!  gofundme


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