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If it begins with love, there will never be any regrets…


Without a doubt this rings true for the birth of Bermuda Carnival. At the start, there were four friends, many supporters, all of whom carried a shared love for Carnival woven into their souls. Together they formed the BHW Ltd. team and brought the music, with endless festival vibes, while YOU, the people of Bermuda, came out in your numbers to make merry, alongside family and new soon-to-be friends on Front Street.

The year was 2015, and it was just the beginning of five years of memories, thousands of visitors, uncountable entrepreneurial opportunities, and more fun than ever could have been hoped-for by the BHW Ltd. team.

Few people know that these five years were built on a foundation of love and held together by five pioneering pillars of Carnival. A major stage show, a J’Ouvert celebration, of course a parade of bands, a cultural event especially for artistes, as well as a distinctively Bermudian escapade, to imprint on visitors and locals alike, that Bermuda was a paradise like no other.

After five years of 5 Star Fridays which featured global Soca superstars, J’Ouvert that included a Guinness World Record, Pan in the Park for families and Steelpan lovers, Street Parades of unfettered joy, jewels, and feathers, along with everyone’s beloved Raft Up, the BHW Ltd. team stands proud that they stayed authentic to the ideals they always envisioned for Bermuda’s Carnival.

However, as we all know and have lived through of late, life and circumstances can and do evolve. Which inevitably means that change must occur, and for the team, a necessary but difficult decision had to be made.

Again, it was forged in loved and done to maintain the integrity and enduring legacy of the Bermuda Carnival, BHW Ltd. worked to share with Bermuda and carnival-lovers worldwide.

Today the BHW Ltd. team officially announces, after five glorious years, the chapter of Bermuda Carnival they began in 2015 is now closed.

It has been the absolute pleasure of each team member to bring you unforgettable events and iconic adventures for five years. And though we will miss diving and bubbling with you at Raft Up, your smiles as you wave to us on the truck during the parade, as well as being covered in paint next to you in J’Ouvert, the time has come for us to bring this all to an end.

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for the continued support you freely gave to the team and every aspect of Bermuda Carnival.

The team also cannot forget and must pay tribute to every committee member, the hundreds of volunteers, the always accommodating sponsors, and all those who played their part in putting on what was called the safest Carnival in the world.

Please know that this opportunity to show the magic of Bermuda and Bermudians is one the team will cherish for a lifetime.

BHW Ltd. thanks YOU for it all.

One thing though, as hard as it is to say goodbye and let things come to a graceful conclusion, it presents the space needed for a brilliant new hello.

With that in mind, BHW Ltd. has one final small suggestion for YOU.

You might want to keep your eyes on our social media.

After all, love never truly ends, and it is only after the finale and through the ashes that a Phoenix can reach forward to rise and soar again.


BHW Ltd.

Bermuda Carnival is an annual event held on the third weekend in June in Bermuda. One of the newest and fastest growing carnivals around the world, Bermuda Carnival celebrated its 5th Anniversary in June 2019. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bermuda_Carnival

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