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It was a blistering hot day in June 1730 when the enslaved woman Sally Bassett was burned at the stake at the foot of Crow Lane in Hamilton, Bermuda. Her alleged crime: conspiring to poison her granddaughter’s enslavers. On the way to her execution, Bassett reportedly called to the gathering crowd, “No use you hurrying folks, there’ll be no fun till I get there.”

Today, the statue is one of more than 50 “Sites of Memory” on Bermuda’s African Diaspora Heritage Trail. Created in 2001 as part of the UNESCO Slave Route Project, the trail is part of an international effort to document the bitter history of slavery by telling the stories of enslaved people across the globe.

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The African Diaspora Heritage Trail (ADHT) adht.bm | FB

Article: Discover The African Diaspora Heritage Trail
Walk in the footsteps of legendary Bermudians of African descent who forged great legacies in the face of persecution. gotobermuda.com/article/discover-the-african-diaspora-heritage-trail

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