#Hurricane #Gonzalo EYE #Bermuda October 17, 2014 / 21:33 – 23:53

The Eye of Hurricane Gonzalo captured “live” via doppler radar imagery of  weather.bm and sounds of the bernews.com and portbermuda webcam during the storm.  The ever soothing treefrog lullaby was that more soothing to the nerves after the previous hours of battering. Who … Continue reading #Hurricane #Gonzalo EYE #Bermuda October 17, 2014 / 21:33 – 23:53

Tropical Storm Fay Slams #Bermuda

LIVE video & sound captured by the Port Bermuda Webcam located on the Commissioner’s House at the National Museum of Bermuda in Royal Naval Dockyard. Port Bermuda Webcam – http://www.PortBermudaWebcam.com National Museum of Bermuda – http://www.bmm.bm/ Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda – http://www.thewestend.bm/ Port … Continue reading Tropical Storm Fay Slams #Bermuda