CITV #Bermuda Government TV #LiveStream #YTplaylist @dciBermuda

Bermuda Government Television Network CITV Live Stream “CITV signed on the air on October 1st 2007 and became Bermuda’s first and only public television station. The station provides a varied schedule consisting of award-winning locally produced programmes, which give viewers … Continue reading CITV #Bermuda Government TV #LiveStream #YTplaylist @dciBermuda

Chewstick Foundation – CITV Presentation @chewsticks @dcibermuda #Bermuda

CITV (Bermuda Government Television) video about the Chewstick Foundation in Bermuda. The Chewstick Movement Chewstick is the legendary Neo-Griot Movement born out of Bermuda in 2002. Dedicated to breaking down social barriers, providing opportunities for storytellers of every medium and … Continue reading Chewstick Foundation – CITV Presentation @chewsticks @dcibermuda #Bermuda