Matthew @McConaughey Oscar Speech 2014 Just Keep Livin’ @MishkaMusic

Explaining Matthew McConaughey’s Confounding Acceptance Speech @ Matthew McConaughey’s slightly off-the-wall Oscar Acceptance Speech for Best Actor 2014 ended with “Alright, Alright, Alright & Just Keep Livin’ “ McConaughey signed Bermuda’s own Mishka to his j.k. livin’ record label in … Continue reading Matthew @McConaughey Oscar Speech 2014 Just Keep Livin’ @MishkaMusic

Mishka – Worth The Wait @mishkamusic @jordysmith88 @monumentalfilms

South Africans Jordy Smith and Damien Fahrenfort traveling with friends, surfing and filming for the movie ‘Bending Colours‘ Luke Thorpe ( made this amazing video shot in Santa Cruz, Mexico featuring professional surfer Jordy Smith riding waves to the beat of Mishka’s tune … Continue reading Mishka – Worth The Wait @mishkamusic @jordysmith88 @monumentalfilms