Analysis #NewportBermuda 2014 @BdaRace #Bermuda

Day 6 #BermudaRace Analysis – Wednesday, 25 June Day 5 #BermudaRace Analysis – Tuesday, 24 June Day 4 #BermudaRace Analysis – Monday, 23 June Day 3 #Bermuda Race Analysis – Sunday, June 22 Day 2 #Bermuda Race Analysis – Saturday, June 21 Start – Friday, June 21  Pantaenius Race Tracker tutorial During the 2014 race, Seahorse … Continue reading Analysis #NewportBermuda 2014 @BdaRace #Bermuda

Spirit of #Bermuda – Building Time Lapse (2003-2006) @SpiritOfBermuda

The camera ran for three years as Rockport Marine built the wood composite vessel SPIRIT OF BERMUDA.  Rockport Marine Spirit of Bermuda  The Spirit of Bermuda is a modern-built Bermuda sloop. She is a replica of a Royal Navy Sloop-of-war, depicted in a well-known 1831 … Continue reading Spirit of #Bermuda – Building Time Lapse (2003-2006) @SpiritOfBermuda

#NewportBermuda Race 2010 +playlist Photo courtesy of The Bermuda Race, or Newport Bermuda Race, is a biennial yacht race from Newport, Rhode Island to the island of Bermuda (in odd years, the Marion-Bermuda Yacht Race occurs), a distance of 635 nautical miles (1175 km) across open ocean. Early History The first Bermuda Race … Continue reading #NewportBermuda Race 2010 +playlist