Water Is Life – Lessons From Bermuda – Rainwater Harvesting & Storage – By Island City Lab

LESSONS FROM BERMUDA: A CONVERSATION WITH SHAUN LAVIS Originally Published on August 2, 2022 Republished @ Bermudians.blog August 18, 2022 with kind permission of Island City Lab Introduction Hey Shaun, thanks for joining us, can you share your name, role, and length of service and can you describe the overarching goal of your organization? Shaun […]

Bermuda Carnival #Cancelled

If it begins with love, there will never be any regrets… Without a doubt this rings true for the birth of Bermuda Carnival. At the start, there were four friends, many supporters, all of whom carried a shared love for Carnival woven into their souls. Together they formed the BHW Ltd. team and brought the […]